We represent the most skilled professional esports players and the most dedicated content creators across all leading digital platforms.

We devote ourselves to the improvement of these new digital industries and take the utmost pride in the work we do for our clients, whether we're working with emerging talent or global sensations.


With skilled agents each specializing in specific esports, our highly capable team has negotiated more player agreements than anyone on the planet. We've additionally demonstrated our ability to secure significant sponsorship deals for our talents with sponsors around the world.


We have years of experience working with creators to transform their passion for entertainment into careers. We seek out opportunities and brand partners that our talents can proudly promote to their audiences, and work to build sustainable business strategies together.

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Whether you're an esports player looking for expert guidance, a content creator seeking professional management or a brand looking to collaborate with the most influencial talent online, our team is looking forward to working with you towards your goals.