Talent Manager

We represent and manage 200+ skilled esports players in major titles including Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League and CS:GO. We also work with popular gaming content creators on YT/Twitch.

We’re seeking experienced talent managers to provide management services to our managed content creators. We also welcome active talent managers looking to expand their operations.

– Experience working with influencers, pref. as a talent manager
– Extremely familiar with all social media platforms and content outlets
– Capable of coordinating between various parties & managing deadlines
– Capable of identifying talent strengths and highlighting top metrics
– Capable of managing multiple email chains simultaneously and prioritizing conversations
– Familiar with the various revenue sources available to creators both on and off platform
– Strong communication skills
– Capable of building & maintaining relationships
– Los Angeles-based

– SEO & Brand Development skills
– Capable of creating performance reports for brands
– Existing brand relationships
– Active presence at various gaming events (eg. PAX, TwitchCon, ComicCon)
– Negotiation skills


Please send your Cover Letter + CV/Résumé to creators@evolvedtalent.com
Subject: Full Name – Talent Manager Position
Emails sent directly to staff will not be reviewed.